Review: Japan Candy Box, a box full of sweeties

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Few days ago we had the pleasure (in every sense) to receive at home a new subscription box made by our friends of Kawaii Box and Blippo. It’s name is Japan Candy Box and, as you can guess, it’s all about Japanese snacks and candies! The basic subscription costs 19,90$ monthly (more or less 18 Euros), with discounts for those who subscribe for 6 or 12 months, and each box contains 8 to 10 different types of snacks, from the most popular to the more strange ones.

Japan Candy Box review

We received the June Japan Candy Box, with a selection of 10 candies inside. The shipping was quite fast, a little more than 2 weeks, and lucky for us our sweeties were not damaged by the heat wave of these days here in Italy! Do you want to know that’s inside? Let’s open the June Japan Candy Box together!

Here’s the content of the box in more details!

  • Pokemon Pikachu Pretzels: everybody knows I love for Pocky! These are not by Glico, but they are very good as well. The cookie is made with chocolate and the cover is black and white. Yummy!
  • Dorayaki: probably you already know them. Dorayaki are traditional Japanese hotcakes made by two layer of sponge cake filled with azuki jam. I’m not crazy for azuki beans but this dorayaki was so soft it melted in my mouth!
  • Lotte Koala March: you already know these! They are chocolate filled cookies shaped like little koalas. So good and one leads to another!

Japan Candy Box review

  • Kabaya Frog Gummies: they are very soft gummies that explain the life cycle of frogs. As a biologist, I found them equally fun and weird. The candies are good, but it’s very strange to eat a tadpole (even if it’s fake)! 😀
  • Puccho Chewy Candy: my favourite of this Japan Candy Box! They are a mix of fruit jelly and toffee, with a soft base made with yogurt and little fruity pieces inside. I could eat whole packages of them!
  • Yaokin Sour Paper Candy: if you can’t resist to cola flavoured candies (like me), here is a huge and thin candy covered in sugar. It’s delicious and very fun to eat!

Japan Candy Box review

  • Meiji Petit Bubblegum: they are very little chewing-gums, so small you have to eat them handfuls. Our chewing-gums are grape flavoured and they are quite good.
  • Marukawa Fusen Bubble Gum: the tiny box contains 4 chewing-gums grape flavoured which literally melt in your mouth! You need to remember to not swallow them: they are so soft I took them for toffee.
  • Meiji Kotsubu Chocolates: in few words, strawberry Smarties! The little candies are made with fruity white chocolate: they are very sweet but if you like this kind of candies you’ll love it!

Japan Candy Box review

Japan Candy Box review

Are you hungry now? So, order your Japan Candy Box! If you have a sweet tooth like us and you like to taste new strange candies, it’s the subscription box you can’t miss! Thank you so much to Japan Candy Box for sending us the June box: we love it! 😀

Japan Candy Box - The Sweetest Monthly Japanese Candy Subscription Box


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