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Although the calendar says we are in December and we are already thinking about gifts and decorations, we go back for a while in November and the fall atmosphere. Last week, in fact, the postman brought us a brand-new Japan Candy Box dedicated to the autumn festival par excellence, at least for those who live on the other side of the ocean, Thanksgiving. Do we open it together?

Japan Candy Box

You already know Japan Candy Box: it is the subscription box that allows you to receive many delicious snacks (sweet and savoury) from Japan directly at home. Every month, the selection of snacks is dedicated to a different theme. The November theme is, as anticipated, Thanksgiving, which means sweet potatoes at will, berries and chocolate! Click the play button on the video below to watch the video of our official tasters Debby and Eleonora and find out which snack is their favourite!

Did you get hungry? Quiet: Japan Candy Box has also thought about this! For you, in fact, there is a fantastic giveaway that will allow you to win a Japan Candy Box for yourself (or to share with friends). Participating is easy! Just enter your name and email address in the widget you see below, choose from the various options available and cross your fingers.

Kawaii Gazette Japan Candy Box Giveaway

The giveaway is open to participants from all over the world and will end on December 26th 2018. After this date, Japan Candy Box will select a winner who will receive the prize at home. The giveaway is organized and managed by Japan Candy Box: by participating, you accept the terms and conditions and the privacy policy of the organizer. Good luck to all the participants!

Maybe it’s a bit late to choose it as a Christmas present, but Japan Candy Box is the perfect gift to give and receive all year. After all, snacks never go out of fashion and the best gifts are those that you receive when you least expect it! Thank you so much to Japan Candy Box for sending us a package full of sweetness!



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Love all the crunch cute snacks

Eriz Martinez Diaz
Eriz Martinez Diaz

Thanks for Prize


So kawaii, i love it !