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It’s time for Lucca Comics & Games, the biggest Italian comics and videogame convention. We will not be there this year, but as usual we want suggest our readers some events to keep an eye on. Let’s start with a bad news for all the Lolista style enthusiasts: for this edition there not will be events closely related to this style, so there not will be the usual fashion show, or the workshops or the Gothic Lolita Zone market. Anyway, there are a lot more things to do and see!

Lucca Comics and Games 2013

The organizers Pescara’s Harajuku Fashion Walk, together with the owners of the facebook page Usagi, organize the first national Fashion Walk here in Italy, which will be held on the streets of Lucca! It’s a fantastic opportunity to meet new fans of Japanese street style and to show off your favorite style. The event will be held on Friday, November 1st in the afternoon. For more informations, please refer direcly to the pages of the organizers or of the event.


In the Japan Palace, this year there will be also a real maid café. For the few who still don’t know, a maid café is a special type of Japanese café where customers are served by waitresses in costume. Maidolls is the name of the café you will find within the walls of the Japan Palace, organized by the girls of the Maid Okaeri Cafè of Catania and from Rakuen Cosplay.


The program of the Japan Palace includes many other events, such as meetings and lectures dedicated to Japanese language and culture, creative workshops and even a fashion show organized by Kyuu, Genoa store specialized in gifts and Japanese clothing (that last year happily surprised us with some exquisitely gyaru clothing at their booth). Obviously, for more informations please consult directly the website of Lucca Comics & Games.

There will be also our favourite shops, that every year we strongly recommend you to visit: Ciali in Kawaiiland, Cute Can Kill, Daniela Pupa and Cookieland, true artists of miniatures and kawaii accessories (all stands are on the ground floor of Japan Palace).

Have fun 😀

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