Lolita Style at Lucca Comics 2012: all the events

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After having announced the this year’s big news, we continue with the other events organized by Gothic Lolita Zone for this edition of Lucca Comics.

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Lolita fashion show

It can’t be missed! For some years now, the Lolita fashion show is one of the flagship events of Japan Palace. For this edition, GLZ girls are ready to walk the catwalk to show you all facets of lolita style. For the occasion, it was chosen the theme “Four seasons throughout the year to dress Lolita”, which will allow you to see many outfits to suit any period and temperature. The show will be held Saturday, November 3, starting at 16:00, at the main cloister of the Japan Palace (in case of bad weather, it will be moved to the Meeting Room, first floor).

Sfilata Lolita

A Wish Came True!

The Gothic Lolita Zone is committed to spread the lolita fashion in Italy, first with the forum and then with a series of events at national level, such as meetings for members and their presence at Lucca Comics… and all this for free! This year, GLZ organized a fundraiser to finance the its activities, giving away to all the participants a wonderful Innocent World dress (with petticoat). With a donation of just 2 euro, you can not only have the chance to win a fantastic dress, but also support the work of the girls on the forum. Do not miss this fantastic opportunity! More infos in this page (in italian).

Innocent World

Lovely Outfit Contest

One of the events of Gothic Lolita Zone moved out of the forum to Lucca, searching for the best outfits crossover between Lolita and games/comics/books/movies! From the most famous series to the more niche, propose your outfit at the GLZ stand. The rules are simple: the outfit must respect the canons of Lolita style and must be inspired to a character of your choice. To participate, simply pass at the stand of GLZ during the opening hours (you will find them at the end of the post) and they will take you a picture, which will be added to the Facebook page of the GLZ for voting. The initiative is open to all forum members and lolita or cosplay enthusiasts! More infos in this page (in italian).

Lovely outfit contest

Lolita Cool Hunters

In the closing hours of the stand, girls of GLZ will flow through the streets of Lucca, ready to photograph the best lolita outfits and stands with clothes and accessories related to Lolita Style. The best pictures will be uploaded on the Facebook page of Gothic Lolita Zone!

NKGC x Lolita Contest Awards

The New Kit Generation Community has chosen Lolita Style as the theme of the 11th edition of the contest dedicated to modelling fans. The Gothic Lolita Zone gils will evaluate the works of the participants as artistic judges and on Sunday morning, at 10:45 in the Japan Palace, they will announce the winner. Do not forget to go and see all the wonderful creations on display!

Cute Me Up!

We had already talked about Cute Me Up!. But today’s news is that, thanks to the collaboration with ETB, at the Gothic Lolita Zone stand you can try and buy the beauty products by Sho-Bi, directly from Japan!

GLZ Stand opening hours

Are you already preparing your case for Lucca? Do not forget to write down the opening hours of the GLZ stand, to join Cute Me Up!, fundraising and contests!

  • Thursday, November 1st – 15.00-19.30*
  • Friday, November 2nd – 9.00-11.30* and 17.00-19.30
  • Saturday, November 3rd – 9.00-11.30 and 16.30-19.00
  • Sunday, November 4th – 11.00-13.00* and 16.00-18.00

(*) Cute Me Up! reservations accepted. Info in this page (in italian).


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