Little Twin Stars meet the Care Bears

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Once upon a time there was the Eighties. Many of us will remember with nostalgia the toys that kept us company at that time (the most forgetful of you can refresh their memory visiting our friends at Nijirain). While in Japan Little Twin Stars were a big hit, in our part of the world the girls went crazy for the Care Bears, the characters invented by American Greetings that have been the object of desire for all women in their (nearly) thirties of today.

Little Twin Stars x Care Bears

A few weeks ago, Sanrio announced a collaboration that will certainly make jump all the daughters of the Eighties: Kiki and Lala will visit the world of the Care Bears… and vice versa! The collection, in fact, will be set in both the city of Care-a-lot and in the world of the Little Twin Stars, with two different designs that reflect the style of the characters. After all, they all live in the clouds!

Little Twin Stars x Care Bears

The collection will be put on the market around the spring and summer of 2014. We can’t wait to discover it, and you?


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