Let’s open a new WOWBOX: here is the September Kawaii & Beauty box

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Few days ago, to the delight of our stomach, the postman brought us a new WOWBOX to taste! The type of the box we receive, among the 4 themes available, is always a surprise for us and this time it’s the Kawaii & Beauty WOWBOX, containing snacks cute outside and healthy inside. The poor box hasn’t had a safe trip, as we’re about to tell you, but we were very happy of the contents!


When you receive a package from the other side of the world, it can happen that it arrives a bit bruised. Our WOWBOX was quite mishandled during the journey, so the most delicate item inside it has come to a bad end. WOWBOX size L, in fact, includes also a special drink: if it’s in a bottle or a can, it’s no big deal, but in this case the container was a classic carton box and at the end it broke. Goodbye delicious fruit and vegetable juice… 🙁


Luckily, the other items came safe and sound, just a bit sticky from the juice. The snacks looks delicious, in particular the salty-and-sweet popcorns are incredibly good: half are normal salty popcorns and half are covered in brown sugar. Pretty outside and delicious inside are also the Hello Kitty Milky cookies with milk cream. We haven’t still eaten everything, but the snacks looks all delicious!

As usual, we remember you that if you want to receive a delicious WOWBOX like ours you just have to visit the website and choose your favourite theme. You can change it whenever you like, so you can try every time a new one. Thank you to WOWBOX for sending us this box!

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By Alessandra
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