Let’s celebrate the new year with our Kawaii Calendar and Planner for 2017

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Christmas is almost here and this year as well we decided to give you a gift to celebrate the festive season and the new year! In fact, for the fourth year our new Kawaii Calendar is back with our desk Kawaii Planner, both in 2 versions and 3 colours to make your desk a bit more colourful. As usual, we use this occasion to thank you for following us this year! We hope our gift will make you start 2017 with a smile!

Kawaii Calendar 2017

Following the great success of Kawaii Calendar 2016 (it was downloaded more than 1000 times!), we decided to repeat the poster format: it’s very easy and fast to print and hang at your wall and it’s available in 3 colours! The style we have chosen this year is quite minimal, so you can decorate and customize your new calendar as you wish, with doodles, stickers or washi tape.

Kawaii Calendar 2017

Do you prefer a desk calendar? We also thought of you! Kawaii Calendar also comes in postcard size: you can print it, cut it and put it on your desk inside a simple table picture frame (we used the super cheap Tolsby frame by Ikea).

Kawaii Calendar 2017

As we said earlier, there’s also our desk Kawaii Planner, in 3 colours matching your new favourite Kawaii Calendar. You can choose between a monthly or weekly calendar in A4 size (but you can also print 2 pages in one sheet if you prefer it smaller). Our Kawaii Planner is universal and not dated, so you can print as many pages as you want and fill it with the days of the month or the week.

  • Kawaii Planner 2017
  • Kawaii Planner 2017
  • Kawaii Planner 2017

To download the Kawaii Calendar and Kawaii Planner, you just have to click on the buttons below. Inside the package, you will also find all the instructions and our suggestions. Now we just have to wish you again Merry Christmas and happy New Year… and thank you again for spending 2016 with us!

Download Kawaii Calendar 2017

Download Kawaii Planner 2017

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