Kawaii ideas: Ludilabel personalized labels with Sanrio characters

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How many times has it happened to you, at school or in the office, that your pens would vanish into thin air? In 5 months, I had to change 4 pens already! If you use normal and anonymous pens, the simplest solution is to attach a pretty adhesive to make them unique, like the Sanrio personalized labels that Ludilabel sent us a few weeks ago.


Not only pens but also erasers, staplers, notebooks, diaries and everything you want to make yours. The objects labels by Ludilabel are durable and of excellent quality and it is possible to customize them from top to bottom: the text to write on them (your name or “do not touch!”), the colour and now also your favourite Sanrio characters. On Ludilabel there are also thermoadhesive labels for clothes, luggage tags and much more!

If you are curious to see them more closely, here is a short video in which we show you how to use Ludilabel labels to give your stationery items an extra touch. Why settle for an anonymous pen when you can customize it with your name?

Do you want to label your things with Ludilabel as well? With the code KAWAIIGAZETTE19, you can get a 10% discount on all your purchases on Ludilabel.it (excluding bottles, lunchboxes and e-gift cards)!

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Last update: 2 April 2019

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