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There’s a little Japanese game that, during the last few months, have won over the whole world. It’s very easy to play and features the absolute stars of the internet: cats. Its name is Neko Atsume and if you love Japan and cats you probably have already downloaded on your smartphone.

Neko Atsume

For the few people who still don’t know it, the goal of Neko Atsume is to “collect” all the cats, attracting them in your virtual yard with food and objects they like. As real cats, they are moody and unpredictable: some like fancy food or particular games, others show rarely and there’s also someone who eats everything (yes, Tubbs, we are talking about you). The Catbook helps us to identify all the characters of the game, keep store of their visits and favourite games and let’s us create a photoalbum for each cat. The furry friends also leave us some fish, that can be used to buy even more items to decorate, enlarge or change completely our yard, and also mementos, little gifts you can obtain after a random number of visits.

Neko Atsume

The great thing about Neko Atsume is that it’s really casual: you just need to fill the bowl and check from time to time if there’s a new cat (to complete the Catbook you have to see the cat while it’s in the yard). The only “difficult” thing is to use specific objects to attract the rare cats, but you just need to check one of the many guides on the internet (like this very useful wiki) to learn all about their favourite games.

Neko Atsume
Image © Strapya World/Hamee

Beside being a videogame, Neko Atsume it’s also an adorable webcomic and a huge series of gadgets (you can find them on Strapya World). As proper cat ladies, we love this game and now we are slowly finishing our virtual collection of cats. If you are not yet into the crazy world of Neko Atsume, download the app on iTunes or Play Store. And if you already are a virtual cat lady, what’s your favourite kitty?

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