Kawaii fashion: Sailor Moon’s swimsuits

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You couldn’t tell by looking at the weather, but we left winter behind us and, believe it or not, in a couple of months or so some of us will blissfully be on the beach. And if you already under the sun with your mind, you will love these swimsuits dedicated to Sailor Moon, which have just been released in Japan.

Isetan x Sailor Moon
©Naoko Takeuchi/Isetan/Pameo Pose

The bikini collection is part of the new series of clothes and accessories available in Isetan department stores in Tokyo. The classic uniforms of Sailor Moon and her friends have turned into two pieces that maybe are not the ideal for people who want to tan as many inches of skin as possible, but they are undoubtedly adorable.

  • Isetan x Sailor Moon
  • Isetan x Sailor Moon
  • Isetan x Sailor Moon
  • Isetan x Sailor Moon
  • Isetan x Sailor Moon

The collection is made in collaboration with Pameo Pose and includes also a line of earrings, piercing and accessories (some a bit flashy, we must admit) inspired by the magical object of Sailor Moon’s universe. What do you think? Don’t you think these bikinis are lovely?

By Alessandra 2
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2 years ago

Is there a secret rule not to make Saturn merch? These are super cute though!