Kawaii cooking: let’s make a marshmallow cake

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A couple of weeks ago, we celebrated the first birthday of Eleonora, the third member (and heir for birthright) of Kawaii Gazette. And we made it in a big way with a super kawaii party with lots of candies, pop corn and a fantastic cake entirely made with marshmallows!

Marshmallow cake

Now we want to invite you too at the birthday, or rather behind the scene of it with a video in which our Debby shows you how the cake was made. You don’t need an oven or cooking skills: you just need polystyrene disks, a lot of candies and toothpicks. Click play to see how we did it! 😀

Easy, isn’t it? And if you need some inspiration for your kawaii party, here are some pictures of our table (which some of you maybe have already seen on our new Tumblr page)! Do you ever hosted a kawaii party? Let us know in the comment!

Marsmallow cake

Marshmallow cake

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