Kawaii at the movies: 5 good reasons to watch The Secret Life of Pets

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The Secret Life of Pets
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3. The Flushed Pets. They are the “villains” of the movie: the pets rejected by their owners plotting revenge against humans. Led by crazy (and adorable) Snowball, they created a real underground animal society in the sewers, in contrast with the metropolitan pets life. Among them there are animals of all kinds, from the pig used as “guinea pig” at a tattoo parlour to the legendary crocodile. If you love “uncool” animals as we do, you will love them! And despite what they say about not wanting to be domesticated, we are sure they won’t mind to be adopted by humans again.

The Secret Life of Pets
©Illumination Entertainment

2. The real secret life of pets. The movie follows the Pets gang when they’re away from their owners, but the real secret for us viewers is the face of the humans living with them (except for Katie, Max and Duke’s owner). The moment they return home from work is one of our favourite scene: funny and sweet as we like! And if, like me, you just lost your pet, maybe there will be a few tears in your eyes.

The Secret Life of Pets
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1. Leonard. You have seen him and loved in the trailer: Leonard is the posh poodle with a penchant for hard rock. In the movie you can see him just in the scene we already know, but it doesn’t matter how short is his screen time or how many time we have seen those seconds of headbanging: for us, he’s the real star of the movie!

Kawaii factor:

The Secret Life of Pets deserves a Kawaii Factor of 4/5. Even if it’s not a masterpiece, the movie does its duty: it’s fun, lively, with cute moments, comical protagonists and great animations. It will make you want to go to hug your pet! Let us know if you liked the movie!

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3 years ago

I just saw this movie a few days ago and thought it was really cute! I love gidgit, the cute little white fluff ball. I wouldn’t want to mess with her 😛