Kawaii at the movies: 5 good reasons to watch The Secret Life of Pets

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Let’s go back talking about movies recommending you another animated picture we really liked: The Secret Life of Pets. If you live abroad you probably have already seen it, but it’s out this week in Italy. The story starts with a very simple question: what are our pets doing when we leave them alone? Max, Duke and their friends do all sorts of things and in the movie we follow the crazy day that changes their lives. Here are our 5 reasons to watch (or rewatch) the film.

The Secret Life of Pets
©Illumination Entertainment

5. The amazing animations. The Secret Life of Pets was made by Illumination Entertainment, the same production company of Despicable Me and Minions (there’s also the same director, Chris Renaud). In this picture however the loved/hated little yellow creatures will not appear, excluding the initial short film. Visually, the movie is fantastic: you’ve never seen a more bright and vibrant New York City! Also, the animations are top notch: the action scenes are great, as the details. It’s a pity we can’t really touch the fur of the protagonists: they all seem so soft!

The Secret Life of Pets
©Illumination Entertainment

4. It’s a lot of fun. The premise of The Secret Life of Pets it’s not the most original (it’s a sort of Toy Story with pets) and some joke it’s a bit too much absurd even for such a movie, but we had a lot of fun! Kids will surely love the action scenes, while grownups, especially if they have a pet, will enjoy the little details and mentions, like the cat Chloe which can’t resist boxes (or food) and becomes the protagonist of a viral video, the activities of the weird pets club or the “Grease moment”.

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3 years ago

I just saw this movie a few days ago and thought it was really cute! I love gidgit, the cute little white fluff ball. I wouldn’t want to mess with her 😛