Kawaii at the Movies: 5 good reasons to watch Moana

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Finally we are in the Christmas season and, as tradition, this is the time for the very much anticipated new animated feature film by Disney. This year we welcome Moana, the 56th Disney’s Classic, transporting us on the other side of the world to discover the Polynesian legends. Here’re our 5 reasons to dive at the movies and watch this new animation masterpiece (out now in Italy).


A moving story and a magical setting

I must confess I always had a thing for “aquatic” movies, starting from The Little Mermaid. So the expectations for Moana, directed by Ron Clements and John Musker, who opened the way for Disney’s renaissance with Ariel and Aladdin (the protagonists of our 2 favourite Disney’s movies of all times), were over the top… and we are not disappointed at all! Moana, in fact, mixes adventure and emotions in the gorgeous setting of Polynesia, among lush island and an infinite ocean, drawing on the local traditions, still very alive. The result will amaze you!


The incredible animations

It’s not a news that animations reached very high levels today. On Moana, if possible, the bar is set even higher. The protagonists and the landscapes are alive in a stunning fashion, especially the ocean, that we can count as a true character (almost a third protagonist with our heroine Moana and Maui). If you think that a sea wave can’t have a temper or show feelings, be ready to think again.

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