Japan at Lucca Comics to the rhythm of music

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As we promised, after the anticipations on the first guests and events from Japan, here’s some other news for all the Japan lovers that will be with us at Lucca Comics 2011!

Dj Kazu at Japan Palace

Let’s start with music! The 29th and 30th of October, Lucca Comics will host a DJ set by DJ Kazu, one of the best DJs in Japan and a regular guest of the NHK’s music program “Music Japan”. If you want to hear good J-Pop and maybe discover some new songs, the appointment is on the ground floor of the Japan Palace!

Dj Kazu

Let’s dance at Japanation!

On Lucca Comics stage (at Baluardo San Paolino) this year there will be also Japanese music! In addition to Pinky Doodle Poodle and ST.WWR concerts, we will also see Japanation, a show that promises to make us dance to the rhythm of Japanese dance music! DJ Kaya brings together the past and the present of Japanese music, mixing J-Pop, Visual, anime songs and enka, traditional pop music, with electronics and engaging choreographies. An evening not to be missed to enjoy and get carried away by the enthusiasm and the spirit of Japan, October 30th at 21:30!


In the coming days, more info on Japanese themed events at Lucca Comics and a little surprise from us for who will come to the fair!

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