Japan at Expo 2015: from Hello Kitty to Japan Day

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The countdown to Expo 2015, the Universal Exposition that is going to start on May 1st in Milan, is ending and here in Italy everyone is talking about the event… even us! Japan in fact will be one of more than 130 countries represented: here is what’s in store for fans of Japanese culture (and food)!

Giappone a Expo 2015
We couldn’t not open with a poorly done collage, Expo style.

The Japan Pavilion

The theme of Expo 2015 is nutrition, which for Japan is a travel through an “Harmonious Diversity“. The pavilion will bring the visitors to explore all the transformations of the food from the earth to the table, in harmony with nature and nutritional balance. The logo that the country has choosen in fact represents common chopsticks, non only tools to eat but also a way to symbolize gratitude for the food, as the typical itadakimasu that people in Japan say before a meal.

Japan Pavilion
© Japan Pavilion

Beside the nutrition route, there will be also exhibition spaces dedicated to design and Japanese culture, like theatre, fashion and anime. And yes, for the gourmand there will be also a restaurant zone where you can taste traditional Japanese dishes, from katsu curry to sushi, from sukiyaki to the rice hamburger of the Japanese fast food chain MOS Burger. Yummy!

Japan Pavilion
© Japan Pavilion

Kawaii at the Expo

It would not be Japan if there weren’t a little kawaii at the Expo… starting from the special ambassador of the Pavilion, that will greet the guests during some of the events. The country in fact will be represented by Hello Kitty, already UNICEF ambassador and kawaii icon worldwide. For the occasion, Kitty is wearing a traditional kimono with sakura flowers, but she will sport also a dress created by fashion designer Izumi Ogino, creative director of “Anteprima”.

Japan Pavilion
© Japan Pavilion/Sanrio

At the Expo there will be also Morizo and Kiccoro, the official characters of Aichi Expo in 2005 (whose theme was nature). They are two spirits which live in Kaiso forest, in the Aichi prefecture, and they flew halfway around the world to attend the italian event and maybe meet Foody, our mascot created by Disney Italy.

Kikkoro and Morizo vs Foody: who is the cutest mascot?

Japan Day

If you’re planning on visiting the Expo (and meet Hello Kitty in fur and bones) we suggest you to go on July 11th. In this date in fact there will be at the Expo Auditoriom the Japan Day, a special day dedicated to Japan. On the stage there will be traditional theatre and music showa, a calligraphy expert and Kyary Pamym Pamyu as representative of Japanese contemporary pop culture. Have fun (and itadakimasu) if you will be there! 😀

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