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Today we want to introduce you to our special project, which we are working on for a few months, but decided to make it real just with the new year. Cartocute is Kawaii Gazette’s online store, our little shop on Etsy in which we will sell some of the printable we create… of course, kawaii style!


When we showed you our Dokibook set-up, we mentioned we had in our drawer some refills we decided to not use in the end. Why leave them in the corner to make dust? So, we decided to prepare a space to make them available to those who want to use them for their own planner.

We must confess we were very much unsure about the “selling” thing. On one side because on Kawaii Gazette we always released our graphic works for free (and we will keep doing it, don’t worry!), on the other side for the usual doubt that afflicts any seller: what if no one is interested in it? At the end, we gathered our courage and we did it! Cartocute is born as a way to self-finance our blog with something that originate from our own hands and our creativity, that reflects Kawaii Gazette’s style and our tastes about kawaii and stationery.


For the moment, in the store you find the Planner Kits matching our Kawaii Calendar and Kawaii Planner 2017, the same inserts we showed you in our video dedicated to the Dokibook. Very soon, time permitting, there will be also the other refills we made for the planner and we already have a list of new ideas to put into practice. Of course, we are waiting for your suggestions (or critics): for us this is a very new thing, so every advice is welcome.


To thank you for reading this long and to celebrate the grand opening of Cartocute, we are giving to all our readers a 20% discount, available until February 28th. The code to use is: GRANDOPENING. Come and visit!


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By Alessandra
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