In Japan with Hello Kitty

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Are you planning a nice trip to the Land of the Rising Sun and you need some advice on what to visit? Now there is Hello Kitty in person to guide you!

Visit Japan with Hello Kitty

Visit Japan with Hello Kitty is a new application for iOS developed by the Japan Tourism Agency, a real mini-pocket guide with lots of tips and informations about the most beautiful places in Japan to discover, of course, with Hello Kitty ! The “Book” presents a list of regions and major cities in Japan, each represented by a Hello Kitty Gotouchi, a “localized” version of the kitten. For each city, there is a brief description of the recommended attractions, from monuments to food (for example, for Tokyo there are the Metropolitan City Hall, Chidorigafuchi and Asakusa). In addition, you can connect directly to the official guide of the city and have a list of all Sanrio retailers nearby.

Visit Japan with Hello Kitty

The “Camera” allows you to take your travel photos, together with the special Hello Kitty dedicated to that area (of course, the function is active only when you are in Japan). Finally, the “Collection” allows you to keep track of all the places visited, collecting the different Hello Kitty Gotouchi. Depending on the score, you can win a special wallpaper.

Visit Japan with Hello Kitty

Ready to go? Don’t forget to bring Hello Kitty with you! 😀


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