Here is the new printable Kawaii Calendar and Kawaii Planner for 2020

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Merry Christmas! As usual, we want to celebrate it with you with a brand new Kawaii Calendar and two Kawaii Planners. We hope that the gift we have prepared for you will be useful and will bring some colour to your desk for all 2020!

Kawaii Calendar 2020

The year that is about to end has brought us new adventures and great changes. And you know, sometimes beginnings may not be easy (for me they are even traumatic), but you just have to look around a bit to find the rainbow even in the middle of a storm. That’s why the rainbow is the theme we have chosen for 2020: look for it, follow it and you will certainly find a treasure!

Kawaii Calendar 2020

Download Kawaii Calendar 2020

Download Kawaii Planner 2020

To download the Kawaii Calendar and the Kawaii Planner 2020 in two versions (monthly and weekly) just click on the links that you find below. We remind you that our Kawaii Planners are not dated, so you can use them whenever you want or you can browse our archive to find and print those of past years.

Kawaii Calendar 2020

We wish you a wonderful Christmas and a 2020 with all the colours of the rainbow!

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