Here are the mascots of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

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Now that we archived the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, we are already beginning to think about the upcoming Tokyo Summer Olympics. Oh yes, because even if there are more than 2 years left before they light up the Olympic flame, we already have two winners! In fact, the two kawaii mascots that will accompany the athletes in Tokyo 2020 have just been announced: let’s get to know them!

Mascot Tokyo 2020

For now, they do not have a name yet, but Japanese elementary school students have just selected them. The Olympic mascot (in blue) embodies the two souls of Japan, the technological and the traditional one, represented by the checked pattern typical of kimonos. It is honest and athletic and can move instantly anywhere. Its Paralympic counterpart, on the other hand, wears the colour of cherry petals, whose shape is also found in its eyes and ears. It too has superpowers: it can speak with stones and wind and move objects with its mind. Despite having opposite characters, the two are great friends, in full respect of the Olympic spirit.

Mascot Tokyo 2020

There can not be winners without challengers! In fact, Japanese children had two other candidates to choose from. Pair B is a duo composed of a maneko neko/fox hybrid born from the sun and the land of Japan and a dog/lion spirit born fromthe sun and the wind. On the other side, the C pair includes a fox spirit and a tanuki, protagonists of many legends of Japanese folklore. All Japanese citizens were able to participate in the creation of the mascots by sending their proposals to a special jury of experts. Children with visual impairments also attended the final vote: for them, 3D models of the candidates were created.

The official launch of the winning mascots is scheduled for this summer, when their names will finally be revealed. Which couple would you have chosen?

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