Expo in music: the official radio of Japan Pavilion

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As we already told you, on July 11th at Expo 2015 it will be Japan Day, a day all dedicated to Japan. Even who is not going to Milan to discover in person the “Harmonious Diversity” of the country, can enjoy anyway it’s atmospheres thanks to Japan Pavilion Radio, a smartphone app and streaming radio which lets Expo visitors (and people at home like us) to take a walk around the rooms of the the Pavilion while listening to a selection of music ranging from J-pop to traditional tunes.

Japan Pavilion Radio

The app (free to download for Android and iPhone and also available for desktops) is distribuited by play.me, main european supplier of streaming radio, and it has no less than Hello Kitty as sponsor. The listener can choose among 4 available channels, which offer more than 16 hours of music daily: Japanese Pop, Anime Music, Traditional Japanese and Japanese Pavilion, the latter dedicated to Japan Pavilion background music at Expo 2015.

Japan Pavilion Radio

Ready to leave for a musical journey at the other side of the world? What’s your favourite channel 😀

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