DIY: syrup nail art tutorial

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Have you ever heard about syrup nail art? It’s a technique popular a few years ago in Korea that permits to shade your nails using one or more semi-transparent nail polishes. It could seem like a simple gradient nail art, but the nature of the nail polish make sure that you get a very special effect that gives exactly the idea of syrup or jelly.

Syrup nail art tutorial
Our syrup nail polishes. Keep reading to learn how to make them at home.

Etude House, popular Korean brand of cosmetics, produces specific kits for syrup nail art, with  semi-transparent and matching glitter nail polishes (such as the Juicy Cocktail set or the adorable and now discontinued Miss Tangerine). Unfortunately in our country we are not so lucky and it is quite hard to find polishes that have the right coverage (if you know some, tell us in the comments).

Etude House Juicy Cocktail

Since I really like this technique (and I find it perfect for summer), I tried to create my own homemade syrup nail polish, transparent enough to be layered, but with visible results. To obtain the desired coverage is simple: just dilute coloured nail polish! Hence the “ingredients” for your syrup nails:

  • A bottle of transparent base. Since we’re going to add it to the coloured polish, the ideal is to have one half full bottle. I often do not use the entire content of a bottle (the brush never comes right to the bottom), so it may be a good idea to combine the leftovers in a single container so you don’t have to throw them out.
  • A bottle of nail polish of the colour you prefer.

To show you the whole process (much harder said than done), we made a short video with all stages, from the creation to the application.

See? It’s really easy! Once you have created the syrup polish of the colour you like (we chose blue because it reminds us the nuances of the sea), you can have fun with the matchings. In the video, we applied a glitter top coat by Essence, but for example you could put a coloured base underneath the syrup polish (maybe a pearly one like in some Etude House sets), add the glitter directly into the bottle or mix two colours.

Wanna try? Show us your creations and combinations! 😀

By Alessandra 1o
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