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Here we are again with our monthly column all about shopping! For March, while this side of the world is celebrating Easter and in Japan cherry blossom just bloomed, we decided to dedicate this page to one of our favourite topics: food! But not any food: Japanese food. So, here is our selection of products from our partner shops and more.

Cute Shopping

Let’s start feeling the Japanese restaurant atmosphere with the gorgeous and delicious posters by Fanny, a Californian designer, Asian food lover and blogger at Japanese Foodie. She transfers her passions in her online store, where you can buy some amazing posters dedicated to the most popular Japanese dishes, in particular ramen and snacks. The posters are not just for the eyes, but they are educational too: for each dish there’s a description with all the ingredients. Also, she just started a new Kickstarter project to make a series of stickers. We are hungry now!

Cute Shopping
©Fanny Chu

Our feast continues on Modes4u, where there are a lot of accessories for the most gluttonous of you! Among Re-ment miniatures that looks like real food, accessories to make a perfect bento and DIY candy sets, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Also, until March 28th you can receive a 15% discount for all your purchases using the coupon code Easter2016 at checkout!

Cute Shopping

Also, if you love cooking we suggest you to take a look at the kitchen section of YesStyle, where you can find a lot of kawaii accessories to make your favourite room even more cute and organized, with that typical Japanese touch! With the coupon code 2016EASTER you can receive a 10$ for purchases of at least 99$ (just until Sunday).

Lastly, when you talk about Japanese delicacy you can’t forget Japan Candy Box, the monthly subscription box to receive at home a box full of Japanese snacks. There are only few days left to order the next box: hurry up and order your box!

Japan Candy Box - The Sweetest Monthly Japanese Candy Subscription Box


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