Cute shopping: Cute as a cat

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Welcome back to our monthly column dedicated to shopping! This month, the theme that we have chosen (and probably have already chosen in the past) cats, our favourite animals. So, here are our tips for your feline shopping, trying to completely avoid the most famous kawaii cat in the world, Hello Kitty. Happy shopping!

Cute shopping

As you probably know, beside cats there’s another thing we really like: cute stationery. If you love it as well, we suggest you to take a look at Yozo craft, a fantastic online store dedicated to stationery and DIY accessories with a kawaii and vintage style. In particular, if you are a deco/washi tape collector, you will find for sure something for you!

Also in our partner shop Modes4u there are a lot of kawaii accessories dedicated to cats for all tastes and all budgets, whether you still go to school or you need to organize your car or decorate your office desk with style (and cats).

In addition to cats, do you love kawaii fashion? So, you can’t miss the section YesStyle dedicated to cats, with a lot of clothes and accessories dedicated to our favourite pet. Here’re our favourites, but on the website you can find many other products!

Lastly, we all know cats love boxes… and we love them too, especially if they’re full of adorable accessories like Kawaii Box! In a few days, the subscription for the next box will be closed, so hurry up. Maybe there’s something catlike inside!

Kawaii Box - The Cutest Subscription Box


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