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Welcome back to our corner about shopping that tries to be monthly but simply can’t. This month, the theme is Beauty & Cuteness, that is make-up and accessories to make our beauty-case more cute and original. Here’s what we have chosen for your from our partner shop and not only!

Cute Shopping

Let’s start introducing you to iCutie, an European store (based in Netherland) specialized in circle lenses (the coloured contact lenses that make your eyes biiiig, very popular in Asia). At iCutie you can find a great selection of lenses of all colours and dimensions, perfect for cosplayers, girls with a passion for Japanese fashion or simply for people who want to change their look a bit. There are also super cute lens cases. Also, you can benefit from discounts on many products: it’s the right time to hoard your coloured lenses!

Cute shopping

On Modes4u there’s no make-up, but if you are looking for a new case for make-up and brushes (or the fabric to make one yourself) and some cute stickers for nailart, you have plenty of choices!

On YesStyle there’s a whole beauty section, with all the Korean and Japanese brands you can desire. However, we suggest you to take a look at the sections dedicated to hair accessories and nails: there are really cute items!

Cute shopping

Lastly, the most important beauty accessory: smile! There’s nothing better than candies to make yourself happy (in spite of the diet), right? On Japan Candy Box you can now subscribe for next month’s box full of Japanese snacks: a bit of sweetness (without exaggerating) makes everything more beautiful, even ourselves!

Japan Candy Box - The Sweetest Monthly Japanese Candy Subscription Box


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