Collaborations: when Hello Kitty meets anime and video games

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Lately, Sanrio likes to mix the things a little, bringing together its most famous characters, Hello Kitty in the first place, with characters from anime and video games.

The last in order of time is a collaboration that will make surely talk the fans of one of the most successful series in the history of Japanese animation: Neon Genesis Evangelion. On the occasion of the upcoming third installment of the Rebuild (the “reboot” movie series started in 2007), our Hello Kitty has decided to play as (or better, “synchronize with”) the female protagonists of the series, Rei and Asuka, complete with plugsuit. The collaboration should be officially starting in May 2012, with the production of stationery, gadgets and clothing.

Hello Kitty x Evangelion

Only a few months ago, it was out in stores the series One Piece x Hello Kitty, with the cat in the company of Chopper, a collaboration that had (understandably) annoyed the fans of the series by Eiichiro Oda. Indeed, one wonders what Hello Kitty is doing between pirates and robots…

Hello Kitty x One Piece

It was in 2010, on the other end, the collaboration between Capcom and Sanrio, which brought together Hello Kitty (always her) with Airu, Monster Hunter video game character and protagonist of an animated series and a video game for PSP (Monster Hunter Diary: Poka poka Airu village). In this case, the crossover between Hello Kitty and the Capcom cat is certainly apt, at least in our opinion, and it was so popular that a second wave is coming, this time starring My Melody and Kuromi! from August 2012, gadgets of the new series will be produced and it will be repeated the “lottery” for players of Monster Hunter Diary, which previously had the opportunity to win accessories from the series with Hello Kitty. As for the first series, there will also be special contents to be used in the game.

Sanrio x Airu

What do you think of these collaborations?


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