Review and giveaway: a Kawaii Box as kawaii as it can be

Few days ago, the postman delivered us the November Kawaii Box. Even if it’s not the first we receive, this time we were more curious than the usual to find out the content. In the last few months, in fact, Kawaii Box changed a bit and it’s now even cuter. We show you what we found inside our box and we invite you to enter the giveaway to win a Kawaii Box just for you!

Ducktales is back and life in Duckburg is still a hurricane

One of my most vivid childhood memories is this: I have chickenpox and I’m spending all of my convalescence on the couch watching repeatedly Ducktales episodes. The gang that kept us company in the Nineties (in sickness and in health) is now back with a brand new series debuting in Italy, on Disney Channel, Sunday Novembre 26th. And, we assure you, the ducks adventures are still a blast!

Kawaii at the Movies: A silent voice

Ready for a new appointment with anime on the big screen? Next week, in Italy it will be the turn of A silent voice, directed by Naoko Yamada (one of the few Japanese female directors) and one of the biggest success of last year in Japan. The movie arrives in Italy thanks to Nexo and Dynit and it will be in Italian theatres on October 24th and 25th, but we went ahead and we talk about it a bit earlier.

Kawaii Games: KleptoCats

There is a special category of games we call “waiting room games”. These are not demanding games you can play while you wait your turn at the post office or at the café: you just need one free hand and you don’t have to worry if you have to stop the game. In our opinion, everyone should have at least one of these games in their smartphone… and in case you need one, we suggest you KleptoCats!

WOWBOX: here’s the June Kawaii & Beauty box

Here we are again showing you the content of a new WOWBOX we just received, more precisely the June Kawaii & Beauty Box. As usual, to receive and open a new WOWBOX is always an amazing surprise, especially since this month the box includes something different than the classic snacks. Let’s open it!

Review: March stickers from Sticker Swaps

Few days ago, in our mailbox has arrived a new colourful envelope from Sticker Swaps! As we already told you, Sticker Swaps is the subscription to receive home each month a set of stickers to collect, attach wherever you want and trade with friends. For March, there are some little but important changes we really appreciated. Let’s open together the new Sticker Swaps!

Kawaii at the Movies: 5 reasons to watch The Place Promised in Our Early Days

If you liked Your Name, the movie by Makoto Shinkai we talked you about last January, then you should not miss another movie by the same director, out in Italy for a special event scheduled for 11st and 12nd of April! Thanks to Nexo Digital, in fact, we can watch in Italian theatres The Place Promised in Our Early Days, the first full feature film written and directed by Makoto Shinkai. We watched it: here’s why you should do it as well!