Vintage kawaii exhibition in Tokyo

Have you ever asked yourself how the kawaii phenomenon was born? Today we usually associate this word with Hello Kitty & co. or colored Harajuku fashion, but in fact the origins of the style date back to a century ago!

Lolita tea party at NiMI Festival

First post of 2012! We must start the new year by telling you about the Tea Party in which we participated during the NiMI Festival, which was held in Florence from December 16th to 18th last year. Among the guests of the event, as we had already announced, there was Misako Aoki, model and gothic lolita kawaii ambassador for the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It was Misako the star of the small but lovely event organized by Nimi, in collaboration with Gothic Lolita Zone, for Saturday 17th within the rooms of Fortezza da Basso.

Misako Aoki at NiMI festival in Florence

Those of you who normally read lolita fashion magazines or catalogs are surely familiar with the face of Misako Aoki, regular presence of KERA magazine or Gothic & Lolita Bible. The super-kawaii Misako will be soon Nimi Italy at NiMI Festival in Florence, a unique opportunity to meet her and maybe have a chat with her.

Japanese fashion at NiMI festival in Florence!

Are you busy from December 16th to 18th December? Well, free your agenda because at NiMI Festival, the Florentine event dedicated to Japanese culture, there will be none other than Angelic Pretty and Putumayo, two of the most famous gothic lolita fashion brands, and the delicious creations of Dolce Deco! So, for the first time in Italy we will have the chance to see (and buy) clothing and accessories directly from those who produce them, at the booths set up at the fair!

Lolita Event at Lucca Comics 2011 – Lolita fashion show

Let’s start our report on the events organized by Gothic Lolita Zone during the latest edition of Lucca Comics & Games. And we start from the end! The highlight of the Lolita day at Japan Palace has been the traditional fashion show, which saw the girls of the Italian community on the catwalk, wearing clothes of various styles and designers (including handmade, our Debba wore a dress entirely sewn and drawn from her!).