Lucca Comics 2013 – What to see

It’s time for Lucca Comics & Games, the biggest Italian comics and videogame convention. We will not be there this year, but as usual we want suggest our readers some events to keep an eye on. Let’s start with a bad news for all the Lolista style enthusiasts: for this edition there not will be events closely related to this style, so there not will be the usual fashion show, or the workshops or the Gothic Lolita Zone market. Anyway, there are a lot more things to do and see!

Events: Fashion Walk and talk on Japanese street styles in Udine

And after the Teacup, here we are to tell you about another event related to Japanese fashion in Italy! As we mentioned recently, in late April there was in Udine a day entirely dedicated to Eastern street styles. To tell us about the event, our friend Deborah/Ray, who sent us her chronicle of the Fashion Walk and the conference that followed. Of course, we thank her for taking her time to write the post you are about to read. Additional thanks to Christian Pellegrin, which allowed us to use his photographs (you can see much more on his Flickr page).

Events: Teacup – Italian Lolita Teaparty

On April 6th, Milan hosted Teacup – Italian Lolita Teaparty, the first ochakai entirely organized by the italian Gothic Lolita Zone community! In short, an event organized by and for the Italian lolitas, totally independent. One of the organizers is our Debby, who has made a brief report of the party. The photos you see in this post were provided by Sybelle Photography and the users of Gothic Lolita Zone (you can see more pictures on the Facebook page).

Kittyrobot exhibition in Tokyo

Do you remember Kitty Intelligence? It’s the interactive exhibition that Sanrio held last year in Hong Kong. After 12 months, the event finally arrived in Japan, specifically in Omotesando Hills, and it’s transformed into a charity exhibition in order to raise funds for the reconstruction of the areas affected by the earthquake and tsunami of 2011.

KAWAIIZZAZIONI: paintings become pop

On May 18th, preceded by a preview of two days in Milan, it opened MICROPOP, ultime tendenze artistiche dal Giappone visionario (latest artistic trends from visionary Japan), a series of three exhibitions dedicated to contemporary Japanese art.