Reading tips: Storia dell’Animazione Giapponese

Did you know that in the Seventies Sanrio founded an animated film company with the aim to break into the American market? Or that the first anime deliberately exploiting kawaii phenomenon was Magical Talroot-kun in 1990? These are just some of the trivia more or less known you can find into Storia dell’Animazione Giapponese (History of Japanese Animation), a book written by Guido Tavassi and published in Italy by Tunué, back in the Italian bookstores with a new edition updated to celebrate a century of Japanese animation. We have browsed it for you!

Kawaii at the Movies: 5 reasons to watch Beauty and the Beast

Finally one of the movies we most waited this year arrived in theatres: Beauty and the Beast! We will be honest with you: the old animated version was never one of our favourite Disney movies, but the ball scene always made us very emotional. For this reason, we were very excited while watching in the trailers the first images of Belle with her yellow dress in Beast’s arms, with the song we all know very well in the background. Here are our 5 reasons to watch Beauty and the Beast: we loved the movie!