Giveaway: let’s celebrate Kawaii Gazette’s birthday with our Happy Pack

If a few years ago someone had told us that we had the patience to keep a blog for 10 years, we would have laughed in their face. Instead, today Kawaii Gazette reaches the double digit milestone! During this time, we grew up, our interest had changed and the blog grew up and changed with us, sometimes with some slack periods, we admit that (we not always have the time or ideas to write as much as we want to). The thing that we always tried to keep the same however is the spirit with which we opened this space 10 years ago: fun, desire to share the things we like and to not take ourselves too seriously.

Let’s open a new WOWBOX: here is the September Kawaii & Beauty box

Few days ago, to the delight of our stomach, the postman brought us a new WOWBOX to taste! The type of the box we receive, among the 4 themes available, is always a surprise for us and this time it’s the Kawaii & Beauty WOWBOX, containing snacks cute outside and healthy inside. The poor box hasn’t had a safe trip, as we’re about to tell you, but we were very happy of the contents!

Kawaii at the movies: 5 good reasons to watch The Secret Life of Pets

Let’s go back talking about movies recommending you another animated picture we really liked: The Secret Life of Pets. If you live abroad you probably have already seen it, but it’s out this week in Italy. The story starts with a very simple question: what are our pets doing when we leave them alone? Max, Duke and their friends do all sorts of things and in the movie we follow the crazy day that changes their lives. Here are our 5 reasons to watch (or rewatch) the film.

Our shopping: Mr. Wonderful

Even if it’s just October, we have already started to buy Christmas gifts! If you’re always undecided on what to buy, we suggest you to take a look at Mr. Wonderful, an online shop selling a lot of cute accessories to give to your friends or relatives. You can find lovely diaries and notebooks, scrapbooking albums, mugs and much more… everything with an adorable style we like very much! In the video below, we show you our recent purchases from Mr. Wonderful.