Kawaii Giveaway: win a coupon for your shopping on TodTots

One of the things we can’t resist is the stationery department of a shop. So, we fell in love instantly with TodTots, an online store focused on kawaii stationery with a lot of products from Japan and Korea: notepads, washi tape, coloured pens, pouches and accessories for your home and office. Do you want to win a 15$ (20 SGD) coupon for your purchases at TodTots? Join our new giveaway!

Cute shopping: Bon voyage

Have you already left for the holidays? No matter what’s your destination or if you’ll stay away only for a day, before you leave better have some kawaii accessories for the trip! So, here is our usual selection of products from our partner shop Modes4U to make your holidays even sweeter.

Expo in music: the official radio of Japan Pavilion

As we already told you, on July 11th at Expo 2015 it will be Japan Day, a day all dedicated to Japan. Even who is not going to Milan to discover in person the “Harmonious Diversity” of the country, can enjoy anyway it’s atmospheres thanks to Japan Pavilion Radio, a smartphone app and streaming radio which lets Expo visitors (and people at home like us) to take a walk around the rooms of the the Pavilion while listening to a selection of music ranging from J-pop to traditional tunes.