Cute shopping: Around the World

After ages, we are back to our section dedicated to shopping on our partner shop ModeS4U. For many people holidays are over, for others they have just started, but certainly the desire of most of us is to pack and see the world. So, here is our selection of kawaii accessories for travellers, always ready to go on a trip around the world… or with imagination! 😀

J*Fashion: Cult Party Kei

After several months, we are back to our section about Japanese street style. This time, we deal with Cult Party Kei, a style that can be easily confused with Dolly fashion or Mori for the many similarities that characterize them, from the use of vintage inspired clothes to layering and the choice of accessories, showy and antique-style. Even the reference shop for those who love to dress Cult Party, The Virgin Mary, has clothing and accessories suitable for both. What changes is the aesthetics at the base of the style.