DIY: discovering washi tape

DIY experts and avid users of Pinterest (by the way, here we are!) will already be aware of the existence of washi tape, one of the most used and desired material by crafters around the world. Washi tape, as the name betrays, has Japanese origins and it’s a particular type of tape, very durable even if it’s made with paper. The key feature that makes it so popular is the wide variety of designs and patterns, which makes it much more like a ribbon than a simple tape!

The sweet art of Osamu Watanabe

Osamu Watanabe is a young (and quite charming) Japanese artist, who draws inspiration for his works from the art of confectionery. His specialty is the “Fake cream” technique, familiar among Italian creatives, that Watanabe is using since 2000, decorating statues and furnishings with white tufts of cream and perfect reproductions of fruits and candies. His works are as tempting as spectacular!