Misako Aoki at NiMI festival in Florence

Those of you who normally read lolita fashion magazines or catalogs are surely familiar with the face of Misako Aoki, regular presence of KERA magazine or Gothic & Lolita Bible. The super-kawaii Misako will be soon Nimi Italy at NiMI Festival in Florence, a unique opportunity to meet her and maybe have a chat with her.

Japanese fashion at NiMI festival in Florence!

Are you busy from December 16th to 18th December? Well, free your agenda because at NiMI Festival, the Florentine event dedicated to Japanese culture, there will be none other than Angelic Pretty and Putumayo, two of the most famous gothic lolita fashion brands, and the delicious creations of Dolce Deco! So, for the first time in Italy we will have the chance to see (and buy) clothing and accessories directly from those who produce them, at the booths set up at the fair!

In bookstores: Mangascienza

MangascienzaCan anime be an istrument to better understand the society we live in? This is the question that Fabio Bartoli, author of Vado, Tokyo e torno, tries to answer in his lates book just arrived in italian bookstores, Mangascienza, published by Tunué. Through the analysis of some of the most popular animated television series of the eighties, like Conan, Galaxy Express, and Astro Boy, he will try to reconstruct the social and technological development of a country, Japan, which has witnessed firsthand the problems and contradictions of technology, first with Hiroshima and Nagasaki and then with Fukushima.