Cute Apps: games

Since I decided to retire my old iPod Nano in favor of a much more modern iPod Touch, I entered the magical world of apps! Needless to say, my favorites are those with kawaii graphics. So, I’d like to start a little section about my favorite smartphones applications, for the moment only for iPhone and iPod, as I don’t have Android yet (but it will come soon).

Anna x Kuromi

I must tell you, I like this collaboration so much! There are two reasons: there is Kuromi (which seems to have finally returned from oblivion) and there is Anna Tsuchiya, model, actress and singer, probably remembered by some of you as the star of Kamikaze Girls or as the voice of Nana in the soundtrack of the animated series based on Ai Yazawa’s manga!

Kitty Intelligence

As usual, in Hong Kong is coming a new interactive exhibition devoted to the Sanrio world! This time, our beloved Hello Kitty (or better, Kitty Da Vinki) stars as a famous scientist specializing in robotics, head of Sanrio Robotic Institute (SRI) and inventor of the Robot K, whose project has come to this day thanks to an ancestor.