Momiji x Hello Kitty

My first meeting with Momiji, a couple of Lucca Comics fairs ago, was love at first sight! These colorful British collectible dolls recalls the shape of the famous kokeshi dolls, usually given away as a traditional Japanese good luck charm. Like their eastern “cousins”, Momijis are also painted by hand and they are imagined as gift dolls! In fact, they are defined by a small slit at the bottom to insert messages addressed to the doll recipient or cards with special phrases and memories. Over the years, there were several special collections as well, created in collaboration with artists from all over the world!

Sanrio Foundation: Hello Kitty brings smiles to hospitals

Sanrio company, as you may remember, is no stranger to charitable initiatives. Hello Kitty has long been an ambassador for UNICEF and since many years she is the godmother of some Japanese events to raise awareness of women and children’s social problems. In recent weeks, there was much talk about Sanrio Foundation, the new initiative by the Japanese company aimed at bringing a smile to sick children around the world.

Jewelpets arrive on TV and newsstands!

Since last weekend, as we had already reported on Twitter, Italia 1 italian tv channel is broadcasting Jewelpet, the anime inspired by the characters created by Sanrio in partnership with Sega Toys! The series follows the adventures of Ruby, a magic, messy bunny sent to Earth from the kingdom of Jewel Land to find her Jewelpet companions, ended up on our planet by mistake. Ruby will receive the help of Rinko, a human girl, and her friends. Together, they must find other magical puppies and defend themselves from kittens Diana and Dian, who want to use dark magic to win Jewel Land. The anime, which is composed by two series (Jewelpet and Jewelpet Tinkle), will be transmitted by Italia 1 every Saturday and Sunday at 8.20.

Ciali giveaway!

Please note the beautiful giveaway sponsored by our friend Ciala (one of the two brilliant minds of Cute Can Kill, for the few who didn’t know her XD) for the opening of her new blog! You can find the rules to join the contest by clicking the image below, with the list of prizes that will go to the winner! Come along and good luck!

The Year of the Rabbit

According to Chinese astrology, each year is associated with one of the 12 animals of the zodiac, which combine with one of the 5 natural elements (fire, earth, water, metal and wood) to create a cycle that is completed every 60 years. Certainly, many of you may be familiar with the animals of the Chinese zodiac, made famous by the Fruit Basket manga series. The Chinese New Year is also called Lunar New Year, since the beginning of each month coincides with the new moon. For this reason, the start of the year is staggered by almost a month compared to our calendar!