Gothic Lolita Style at Lucca Comics 2010 – Part Two

In the first part of our record of the conference on Lolita Style, held by the girls of Gothic Lolita Zone at Lucca Comics & Games, we had a brief overview of the origins and characteristics of this trend, and we have discovered what’s Lolita and what is not . Now we continue our report by listing the various sub-groups of this style! Again, thank to GLZ girls for the helpfulness and to the gracious Sybelle that allowed us to use her beautiful photographs!

Gothic Lolita Style at Lucca Comics 2010 – Part One

As we reported, on October 30th, among the many events of Lucca Comics & Games, it was held a conference (followed by a fashion show) organized by the girls of Gothic Lolita Zone, the first Italian forum dedicated to Japanese Lolita fashion! For those who have not been able to follow the event and for those who want to learn more about Lolita style, here is our report! I wish to thank the girls of GLZ for the evening and the afternoon spent together and for the material provided.

The surreal world of Choo Choo

Thanks to Hello Kitty and Nyanko, we are now accustomed to seeing cats in the weirder shoes we can imagine. What else could surprise us now? Well, there’s something and it’s called Choo Choo, the cutest and in some ways the most original feline series we’ve seen so far!