Events: Japan, Empire of the Characters

The Japanese Cultural Institute, which represents in Italy the Japan Foundation (the Japanese organization encouraging cultural exchanges with other countries in the world), promotes a very interesting exhibition dedicated to characters from anime, manga, video games and not only, part of Japanese people everyday life, and increasingly popular and well known in the West. Through models, films and photographs, the exhibition “Japan, Empire of the Characters” will present the most famous and beloved characters, and will investigate the reasons for such popularity in Japanese society.

J*Fashion: Hime-Gyaru

Since several years, they have become the princesses of Japanese cities… literally! We are talking about Hime Gyaru, yet another fashion trend from Japan! As is obvious from the name (“Hime” in Japanese means “princess”), Hime-kei fashion reinterprets the look of a modern princess (Marie Antoinette in particular), mixing Gal style with a touch of Gothic Lolita fashion. On the surface, in fact, Hime-Gyaru may be confused with the most famous Gothic Lolitas (in particular, the variants Sweet, Classic or Hime), but there are substantial differences between the two styles, both in look and attitude. The difference can be guessed thinking about the fact that Gyaru Hime originates from Gal style. If a Gothic Lolita outfit cannot ignore petticoat and stockings, Hime Gyaru style do not despise bare shoulders and legs and high heels. If the first gives priority to the dolly and ethereal aspect of Victorian Rococo style, the latter prefers the more luxurious and flashy side.

Hello Kitty’s Kawaii Paradise opens in Tokyo!

As the saying goes, good things come in threes! And so, after Puroland (that we visited) and Harmonyland, Sanrio is ready to open the doors of its third theme park, this time dedicated to Hello Kitty (unbelievable but true: this is the first park devoted exclusively to her!). On October 22th, in fact, Hello Kitty’s Kawaii Paradise will open, a huge shopping and entertainment area that will be hosted inside the Venus Fort mall in Odaiba, the artificial island in Tokyo.

Sentimental Circus

Lately, Fairy Kei was very popular in Japan . Consequently, pastel colors and retro designs made their way also in the wider world of original characters (think of the last series of Hello Kitty or the Rilakkuma anniversaty line). On the other hand, it begins to reappear the other side of kawaii, more gothic, enchanted and nostalgic… a style that I love!