On newsstands: Hello Kitty Travel Set Collection

It’s about to arrive on newsstands a very interesting collection for all the Hello Kitty fans! One of the main objects of desire for Kitty-holics is definitely the trolley, which is sold in various versions in Italy, but for some of us (including me) it has a prohibitive cost. For all the diehard kawaii travelers, here comes Hello Kitty Travel Set Collection by Fabbri Editori and Mondadori, out in Italy!

Who is the new Hello Kitty?

For some years, Sanrio Hong Kong has delighted Asian fans with the magnificent live role playing games set in the world of Hello Kitty, also exported in Puroland. After “Hello Kitty Black Wonder”, where visitors had to save the kitten from the clutches of Kuromi, and “Kittylab”, an adventure that mixes science and kawaii, Who’s The Next Hello Kitty?” is coming in Hong Kong!