Hello Kitty Formation Arts: small collectors wonders

In Japan, a new collection of miniatures dedicated to Hello Kitty is coming out . So, what’s the news? Well, this time the news deserves to be highlighted, if only for the name of producer: Square Enix. What’s with the famous company of video games and gadgets? Since several years, as many of you already knows, Square Enix goes hand in hand with Disney (they are the people behind Kingdom Hearts, for instance) and, among other things, they produced several series of beautiful miniatures (“Formation Arts”) dedicated to the world Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and other cartoon heroes.

J*Fashion: Fairy Kei

So far, Kawaii Gazette dealt almost exclusively with original characters (Hello Kitty, Rilakkuma and friends). Today, we start a new section that goes slightly beyond the characters, but remains in the field of “kawaii” (or rather, of “kawaii” as an adjective). The items that end up in the Cute Lifestyle category, in fact, concerns fashion, trends, Japanese pop culture and everything that, from our point of view, is cute and deserves attention. We hope you like this new section! If you have any suggestions or ideas, you can always contact us by email or leave us a message on Facebook or Twitter 😀

Yuko Shimizu at Japan Expo 2010

Many of you probably remember Yuko Yamaguchi, the designer of Hello Kitty, hosted this autumn in Milan during the celebrations for the 35th anniversary of the cat. Perhaps, not everyone knows that in reality Kitty’s “mum” is named Yuko Shimizu. The Japanese artist, Sanrio employee at the time, decided to leave the company to go freelance, leaving his famous creation in the hands of Yamaguchi.

Kawaii in Wonderland

Who does not know Alice in Wonderland? Since mid-nineteenth century, thanks to many movies and animated adaptations, the famous novel by Lewis Carroll hit the collective imagination of young and old people. It could miss Japanese? Of course not! Even our favorite brands have tried to interpret the adventures in Wonderland in their own way…