Barbie celebrates the heroines of a new generation of girls

March 8th was a few days ago, but we want to celebrate International Women’s Day once more, showing you the amazing collection launched by Barbie for the occasion. The most famous doll in the world has in fact honoured in her own way some of the greatest heroines of our time, women who have changed the world and deserve to be role models for the new generations. Here’s who they are!

Kawaii fashion: the amazing Sailor Moon yukata

Even if can’t tell it by looking at the calendar, spring is getting closer and it’s time to start thinking about the wardrobe for the warmer season. For the lucky Japanese girls, this also means to brush up their favorite yukata, or maybe to buy one that’s all new and… magical! The Japanese brand Kyoto Marubeni, in fact, has created a whole collection of fantastic yukata dedicated to Sailor Moon. They’re one more beautiful than the other!

Things we like: Fullmetal Alchemist characters re-designed by Sanrio

At our venerable age, we have seen and read a lot of anime and manga. Among those that have remained more in the heart there is Fullmetal Alchemist: the story by Hiromu Arakawa has the merit, at least for myself, to have made us change our mind about shounen (manga for boys), which at the time we were snubbing a little. Fifteen years from the airing of the anime (followed in 2008 by a more faithful remake), Sanrio made a series of accessories with all the characters in a super-kawaii version. Aren’t they cute?

Kawaii food: the adorable dishes of Korilakkuma Café

The year 2018 is not just the Year of the Dog. It is also the year of Rilakkuma, who is about to celebrate his 15th birthday: incredible but true, our favourite bear was born in 2003! In Japan, the celebrations already started in our favourite way: with food. In Tokyo and Saitama, in fact, there are two pop-up café dedicated to the inseparable friend of our lazy hero, Korilakkuma. Ready to get hungry?

Kawaii at the Movies: Coco

Christmas means lunches and dinners with family, presents to unwrap, but also the new Disney/Pixar movie opening in theatres! This year it’s the turn of Coco, a kaleidoscopic adventure that brings us in the distant Mexico and the far more distant world of the dead. The movie is out in Italian cinemas on December 28th, just in time to relax (and empty the stomach) waiting for New Year’s Eve: let’s talk a bit about it.